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Your Address Book reincarnated! Your Contacts evolved!

"123 Main St" is so last century... Welcome to LifeProx!
With LifeProx, you create contacts based on GPS coordinates.


Unlimited LifeProx Tags. Unlimited pictures! Unlimited contact information for your unlimited life.

Live It, Love It, Tag It - LifeProx does the rest!

Upgrade To Pro For Only $1.99
No Street Signs needed and say goodbye to "turn at the big blue tree" directions. Yayyyy!!!
Easily navigate back to that wonderful gem
100% secure. 100% your data. 100% of the time.
Never forget that awesome new spot ever (ever) again!

Who uses LifeProx?

  • City Slicker?
  • Suburban Dynamo?
  • Business Traveller?
  • Traveling Adventurer?
  • Foody?

LifeProx allows you to create contacts based on their gps coordinates and not their addresses. When you "Create a Tag" you are able to add unlimited contact information, pictures and notes about the location.

And never fear - All those addresses you painstakingly transcribed in your pre-LifeProx life will be miraculously LifeProxed through the magic of geocoding.

What makes us different?

We place more focus on your personal experiences and what matters to YOU. Lost amongst the storm cloud of information out there, it can be pretty hard to manage your own "Aha!" finds, that's why LifeProx exists! Everything in LifeProx has immediate relevance to your life. No fluff, no random rants by others, just your own fantastically organized life.

Don't get us wrong, we at LifeProx are avid users of other apps. We love a heads up about the newest bar in town. We need the buzz on the weekend’s haps.

BUT, what's missing?

Where did I go??

What did I think???

What do I want to remember????

When you are done with everyone else's opinion, come home to LifeProx and filter all that noise.

I don't travel

All those restaurants, city hideaways, fun watering holes, parks and everything in between…we could go on and on…Who can remember them all? That park was so pretty but it’s not in a familiar neighborhood. Tag that gem and whenever you’re near, LifeProx will remind you it’s there!

I'm a frequent traveler

Quit racking your brain about that beautiful beachside café you visited two years ago. Where is it? How'd I get there? How do I get back???!!! Simply LifeProx the location and easily revisit next week, next month, next decade.

Get your life organized with one click