Remember that...uh… Moon…something…Bistro you went to with Drew two years ago?? It's just around the corner! You loved loved loved the Pasta Primavera but the Shrimp Dumplings…not so much (don't order that again!).

LifeProx reminds you what YOU liked, what YOU didn't, where YOU went and WHERE the heck it actually is!!!

"And what about my Address Book dinosaurs?" you ask. LifeProx transforms them too! So everything you've ever done, anywhere you've ever gone is in one beautifully Tagged app!

How does it work?

By utilizing the GPS in your device, we create a global address book capable of functioning anywhere in the world with complete accuracy. While every location on the globe has a GPS location, MOST places on earth lack actual street addresses. LifeProx will work whether you are located in a m ajor city or find yourself backpacking through the Andes. Never forget a location again.

How private is it?

Your privacy is our number one concern at LifeProx. We will NEVER sell, remarket nor reuse any of YOUR information. Your information remains your sole property. No rights to your data are assumed or ever will be assumed by us.

Existing phone contacts are NEVER sent to our servers. When your pre-LifeProx contacts are displayed, that data resides solely on your device. Only LifeProx Tags are backed up to our servers, enabling you to change devices and use LifeProx on multiple devices with full access to all your Tags.